NAMI South Bay Leaders Representing Families in Sacramento

NAMI South Bay leaders Paul Stansbury and Sandy Villano have been selected to serve on the MHSOAC (Mental Health Services Act Oversight and Accountability Commission). The MHSOAC oversees the Adults and Older Adults Systems of Care Act; Human Resources; Innovative Programs; Prevention & Early Intervention Programs; and the Children’s Mental Health Services Act. The Commission replaced the advisory committee which had been established pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 5814.

Paul Stansbury serves on the Financial Oversight Committee, which provides MHSOAC reports, proposed policies and recommendations regarding anticipated Mental Health Services Act revenue cycles, as well as strategies and roadmaps to expand services by timely expenditure and leveraging of funds. (Committee 2013 Charter.)

Sandy Villano serves on the Client and Family Leadership Committee, which ensures “the perspective and participation of diverse community members reflective of California populations and who have lived experience of severe mental health issues, including their parents/caregivers and family members, is a significant factor in all MHSOAC decisions and recommendations.” (Committee 2013 Charter.)

MHSOAC’s Mission:

Provide vision and leadership, in collaboration with clients, their family members, and underserved communities, to ensure Californians understand mental health is essential to overall health. Hold public mental health systems accountable. Provide oversight for eliminating disparities; promote wellness, recovery and resiliency; and ensure positive outcomes for individuals living with serious mental illness and their families.

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