Ending the Silence

From NAMI California

In early August, NAMI California will be holding four different Presenter Webinar Trainings for the Ending the Silence program–Apply Today!!

Ending the Silence is a transformational program offered to high school students. In the 50 minute presentation, students are taught about mental illness and then hear about another young person’s own journey with mental illness. The Program has been presented across the state and is growing. In order to keep up with the demand from schools, NAMI California needs more trained presenters!

NAMI California is looking for people who are comfortable with self-disclosure and knowledgeable about mental health. Presenters either have experience with a family member with a mental-health condition, or have experienced a mental-health condition themselves. If you are interested in learning more or getting an application, please contact Beth Larkins at (916) 567-0163 or beth.larkins@namicalifornia.org. NAMI California looks forward to hearing from you


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