Watch the Prism Awards Tonight

Tune in Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 3pm as “Each Mind Matters,” California’s mental health movement, leaps forward with a national broadcast of the 17th Annual PRISM Showcase on FX network.
The PRISM Awards honor television shows, music, interactive media, DVDs, comic books and movies that accurately depict mental health and substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery. The show is hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky with guest co-hosts Orlando Jones and Giuliana Rancic, and presented by Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC), a California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) Stigma and Discrimination Reduction program partner.

Movie characters and television storylines have a unique potential to reach directly into our homes and to connect audiences of millions with powerful stories, images and experiences. That’s why CalMHSA’s partnership with EIC offers a powerful reach for stigma and discrimination reduction by engaging the professionals who create entertainment in developing accurate and balanced portrayals of mental illness and offering hope for recovery.

Among those productions honored are, feature films: Silver Linings Playbook and Flight, and television shows: Go On, Elementary, Nurse Jackie, Parenthood, Chicago Fire, American Horror Story: Asylum, Homeland, Rehab with Dr. Drew, and Days of Our Lives.

“Each Mind Matters,” California’s mental health movement, was also celebrated at this year’s PRISM Awards, as the symbolism of lime green ribbons was explained from the stage, featured as the prevalent motif in decorations, and distributed to everyone in the audience.

In addition to the FX broadcast, the PRISM Showcase can be viewed on MTV, Pivot and other cable networks, broadcast stations, video on demand, and online.

Click here for the official press release and list of winners.

Visit for more information about the program and a list of honorees. Please check your local listings and the PRISM Awards web site for specific program information.

EIC is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 by leaders within the entertainment industry to bring their power and influence to bear on communication about health and social issues.

For more information on CalMHSA’s partnership with the EIC, read the recent Program Partner Spotlight. For a complete list of health and social issues addressed by EIC, and local projects, please visit EIC’s website at and view exclusive additional content on EICnetwork.TV.

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