Join NAMI South Bay for NAMIWalks October 5, 2013

Join NAMI South Bay Teams
Saturday, October 5, 2013
10th Annual NAMI Los Angeles County 2013 Walk
Third Street Promenade.


Fight stigma, raise awareness and raise funds for NAMI South Bay by walking with us. It will be a fun day and great way to raise funds for programs we offer free to the community. NAMI members from across the county will all be joining together. You can walk a block, walk the whole 5K or just cheer people on. There are plenty of things to do on the Promenade before and after the Walk. This Walk is our major fund raiser. Please recruit family, friends and fellow workers and consider forming your own team supporting NAMI South Bay.

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For information or any questions contact
Paul Stansbury, — 310-892-8046


A Wonderful Summer Picnic

Picnic 2013Thank you to everyone that participated in NAMI South Bay’s annual summer picnic on August 10, helping make the event a wonderful success! We had over 75 NAMI South Bay participants.

The weather was ideal, and NAMI family members had a great time enjoying the beautiful sunny day at Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach. Participants played Bingo, walked the trails, fed the coy fish, played karaoke music, sang songs, and ate delicious BBQ, with great salads and fruits — nothing like home cookin’ pot luck style….NAMI South Bay all the way!

Some of the hosting Board Members. NAMI South Bay all the way! Photo by Modesta Pulido.

Some of the hosting Board Members. NAMI South Bay all the way! Photo by Modesta Pulido.

Great food. Great people. Great time.

Great food. Great people. Great time.

Wilderness Park is at 1102 Camino Real, Redondo Beach, CA.  Since 1977, this thriving green expanse has been the beautiful and educational backyard in Redondo Beach. Wilderness Park consists primarily of four ecological habitats:

  • 20130818_122806_resized_1Forests
  • Meadows
  • Streams, and
  • Ponds

All are places where nature can thrive, undisturbed by man. When you visit, relax, walk slowly and “adopt the pace of nature” while exploring the four worlds of Wilderness Park.


Plenty for Everyone

Plenty for Everyone


Two Continuation Treatments Found Effective for Depression

From Psychiatric News Alert: Continuing treatment of patients with major depressive disorder following acute-phase cognitive therapy works equally well regardless of whether patients are given fluoxetine or additional cognitive therapy, according to a study released today inJAMA Psychiatry.

The researchers randomized 241 adult responders out of a total of 523 who began treatment—86 to receive another eight months of cognitive therapy, 86 to receive fluoxetine, and 69 to receive a placebo.

Relapse or recurrence rates were almost the same for the continued cognitive-therapy and fluoxetine groups during the eight months of treatment, said the researchers. However, the cognitive-therapy patients were more likely to accept randomization, stay in treatment longer, and attend more treatment sessions than those in the other two cohorts.

While both forms of treatment demonstrated benefit over the course of the trial, the researchers cautioned that some patients may need further help. “After active therapies were discontinued, the preventive effects of both treatments dissipated, suggesting that some higher-risk patients may benefit from additional continuation/maintenance therapies,” concluded Robin Jarrett, Ph.D., of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, and colleagues.

For more information in Psychiatric News about treatments for depression, see “Brain-Area Activity Might Predict Depression Treatment Response.”

(Image: Wavebreak Media/Shutterstock/com)

Mental Illness and Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits

It is no secret that the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies two-thirds of initial Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applications. It’s not common knowledge that many are denied for “failure to cooperate,” or FTC.

Given that seeking SSDI benefits is stressful, tedious, complex and confusing, it is less surprising to realize the implications for those who have a severe mental illness. Individuals with schizophrenia, severe depression, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses face a greater likelihood of missed deadlines and being unresponsive to requests. FTC denials are a hazard for people with mental illnesses.

Tai Venuti, Manager of Strategic Alliances at Allsup, attended the NAMI California 2013 Annual Conference last month where mental health consumers, advocates and parents shared how difficult their SSDI journey had been, how they or their loved ones missed deadlines, were overwhelmed by paperwork, had difficulty obtaining medical records or were too anxious to make appointments, and their claims were denied.

“If you’re in denial about your mental illness, how on earth are you going to prove you have one?” asked one parent. When reviewing a claim of mental illness, the SSA advises its employees to include an appropriate third party (a family member, friend, etc.) to participate and assume the claimant needs assistance if he or she fails to provide medical evidence. The feedback Venuti got from the mental health community last week suggested these steps aren’t always followed.

This is one reason, according to Venuti, many people benefit from the help of an SSDI representative like Allsup, which can provide much needed assistance to claimants who aren’t able to handle this process on their own. Allsup is a disability representation company founded by Jim Allsup, a former SSA field rep. Allsup also does what it can to facilitate the SSA’s own requirements—helping Social Security workers gather the information, records and details they need, including using electronically enhanced processes—to make this process as simple as it can be.

For more resources provided by Allsup for those with mental illness, visit Allsup’s Resource Center.