Special Bulletin: NAMI South Bay Partnership with Palos Verdes Resale Thrift Shop

NAMI South Bay is very pleased to announce a partnership with the Palos Verdes Resale Thrift Shop at 2321 Pacific Coast Highway in Lomita. The PV Resale Thrift Shop is an organization of approximately a dozen charitable organizations whose members volunteer time to work in the thrift shop. Based on the number of hours each charitable organization members work in the thrift shop the organization receives a proportionate amount of the surplus created.

The partnership will allow NAMI South Bay to generate funds for needed programs in more parts of the South Bay and has the added benefit of networking with other charitable organizations while providing low cost items to the community. There will be a brief training session for any volunteers. Please contact Paul Stansbury at pstans5@aol.com or 310-892-8046 if you are interested in volunteering to work for a few hours a month.

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