Participate in Patients’ Rights Committee Survey

The California Mental Health Planning Council (CMHPC) is mandated by federal and state statute to advocate for children with serious emotional disturbances and adults and older adults with serious mental illness, to provide oversight and accountability for the public mental health system, and to advise the Governor and the Legislature on priority issues and participate in statewide planning.

The State Legislature recently mandated that a Patients’ Rights Committee (PRC) be formed within the CMHPC (WIC Code 5514). One of the first projects that the PRC has undertaken is to determine what is and is not taking place around the State of California regarding patients’ rights and access and quality of the mental health services consumers are receiving.

The PRC has developed a short survey to better understand available services and hope that you will assist them in their work by filing out this survey.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Michael Gardner at or by phone at 916-319-9639.

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