How the Affordable Care Act Changes Mental Health Coverage

from The Fiscal Times: The passage of Affordable Care Act has brought sweeping changes that will make coverage of mental health and drug treatment one of the “10 essential health benefits” that all insurers must offer. Insurers, patient advocates and state regulators are still hammering out specifics, but critics contend it will lead to an even greater shortage of services and that it doesn’t do enough to address issues specific to treating the mentally ill. Many industry experts also aren’t sure what changes in the field of mental health will even be needed as new challenges arise.

According to Ron Honberg, the national director for policy and legal affairs at the National Alliance on Mental Illness:

“The reality is that the ACA is not going to solve all of our health care problems, either for physical or mental health. People are still going to struggle to get everything covered that they need to, but the inclusion of mental health care in this law is a huge step forward.”

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One thought on “How the Affordable Care Act Changes Mental Health Coverage

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