Open Mind Lecture March 4: Clean with David Sheff

The next installment of the Open Mind Lecture series hosted by the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior will be a presentation by author David Sheff and Dr. Timothy Fong.

David Sheff, author of the critically acclaimed book, Clean, and the New York Times best-selling memoir, Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey through His Son’s Addiction, will discuss new approaches to treating and preventing addiction and addressing the mental illnesses that commonly accompany addiction.

Dr. Fong, Director of the UCLA Addiction Medicine Clinic, will provide information about the latest scientifically-proven treatment strategies for addiction, as well as insight into how addictive disorders affect patients, family and society.

The Semel Institute is a world-renowned multidisciplinary research institute dedicated to the study of mind, brain and behavior. Since its founding, the Institute has assembled more than 370 physicians, clinical researchers and scientists to work collaboratively in studying psychiatric and neurological disorders and to develop new, effective treatments that improve lives.

The Open Mind Lectures are free to attend, but registration is required. For questions call Patty Evans at 424-214-3851 or Parking for this event available in Sunset Village.

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