MEDIA OPPORTUNITY: Child and Young Adult Mental Health

Portrait of Females of FamilyFROM NAMI National

A national news producer would like to talk with families currently trying to find help for a child, teenager or young adult in their 20s, but who are finding barriers or gaps in the mental health care system. Please send a summary of your situation to NAMI Media Relations and copy, including telephone contact information.  Only a few personal stories will be selected, but all will be considered. They will be kept confidential until permission is explicitly given for use. Please also forward this notice to anyone whom you think might be interested. Thanks for your help.

Bob Carolla, J.D.
Director of Media Relations
National Alliance on Mental Illness ( NAMI)
3803 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22205

Lynn Cathy, State Family Programs Coordinator
NAMI California

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