Have an Emergency Contact List

You should consider having a list of numbers, email addresses and other information close at hand if your family is in a crisis. The numbers you should consider include:

  • The doctor’s office number
  • The therapist’s number
  • Psychiatric Evaluation Team (PET) it varies depending on where you live. It’s sometimes called Mobil Crisis Team
  • DMH Access Hot Line (800) 854-7771
  • Suicide Hotline (800) 273-8255
  • Police department (911)
  • NAMI friend or support person
  • Family friend or relative
  • Trusted neighbor
  • List of medications your loved one is taking
  • Insurance or MediCal numbers

Make multiple copies of the list and store the info in your cell phone, computer or iPad. Provide copies to your relatives and support person and anyone who might act in your absence. Keep a copy at home, at work, in your car and place a copy in your luggage if you take a trip. Revisit and revise it regularly to make sure the numbers are current. (From: Treatment and Advocacy Center.)

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