Sunset Idea House Featured in November Issue of Sunset Magazine

NAMI South Bay thanks Sunset Magazine for its generous donation and the opportunity to participate in an exciting community project. NAMI South Bay also thanks its volunteers for manning the Sunset Magazine Idea House in September.

The Sunset Magazine Idea House, which NAMI South Bay members and volunteers helped show to interested members of the public in September is now featured in the November issue of Sunset Magazine. The article begins on page 41 and continues through to page 54. The house, in Manhattan Beach, CA, featured sleek metal railings, shining glass, and not a seastar or anchor in sight.

Was it a beach house? Oh, yes. For this year’s Idea House in Manhattan Beach, Sunset Magazine built a clean-lined, modern home and asked Los Angeles interior designers David John Dick and Krista Schrock of DISC Interiors to reinvent beach style within its walls. The result riffs on the tonal colors of the coast—and the energetic art scene in L.A.—to inspire updates in your home, no matter how far you are from the sand.

Sunset Magazine acknowledges NAMI South Bay’s help on the project on page 54 of the article. The Rotary Club of Manhattan Beach also participated.

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