A Schizophrenic’s Search for Logic by Aaron Samuel Wallman

A Schizophrenic’s Search for Logic is a book about one man’s experiences with schizophrenia and his search for true logic as his cure.

Local writer and former college teacher Aaron Samuel Wallman has an imaginary journey through hell and heaven along with a real journey back to Los Angeles from Tokyo, Japan which occurs at the same time as this imaginary journey.

“During these two trips as one journey, I mainly talk to Albert Einstein and the 17th philosopher, David Hume. In addition, I talk to other historical figures, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other people like my Japanese friend, Suga. In my conversations with the characters in this book, I discuss the reasoning of my schizophrenia and the reasoning of normal people and true logic or the logic of God. Also during my journey, I reveal my experiences with my schizophrenia as events and reveal my attempts to reach my goals and become cured with true logic. All in all, I leave it up to the reader to decide what is real and what is fantasy in this book.”

From The U.S. Review of Books:

Told in a series of thirty-eight short chapters, the author has charted a journey of untold mental suffering. A window into the inner world of one suffering from mental illness, the endless cycle of psychosis, hospitalization, medication, and relapse is described in painful detail. Dramatic interest is kept up by the intriguing discussions about perception, reason, and truth he has with Albert Einstein and David Hume, who seem to show up to discuss the problem of reality in the most strange situations. Matter-of-fact descriptions of his interactions with friends, women, policemen, and doctors shed light onto the stigma and shame of schizophrenia. A person of obvious intelligence, the author has managed to map his tortuous journey in starkly honest terms. This book is a testament to the will to survive—and also a riveting read. The language is simple and straightforward. The theme is human suffering, thereby approaching a universality, though its subject matter is indeed unique. (c) 2014 Gregory Reade.

Wallman and his family have been long-time members of NAMI South Bay. A Schizophrenic’s Search for Logic is published by Trafford Publishing and is available in print and as an e-book from these major online outlets:


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