Happy 4th of July

Nikki Zalewski DPC

Today we celebrate our country’s independence and the idea of a more perfect union—one founded on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (and perhaps some fireworks and barbecue).

From the beginning our country has fought for that idea and NAMI continues that tradition by fighting for a country where your mental health does not define your right to recovery, quality of life and independence.

35yearsNAMI fights for equal access to treatment, better services and better care. We fight for understanding, employment and housing. We fight so mental illness is not a prison sentence. We fight so our children don’t have to experience mental illness alone and can have the same hope for their future that millions of others have had.

1 in 5 Americans live with mental illness. Everyone is affected and we fight for all of us. Will you make a gift today and join us in our fight?


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