Quick Guide to NAMI California Conference 2015 Workshops

For those attending, here is an outline guide to the workshop tracks at the NAMI California annual conference this weekend in Newport Beach


  • Stopping Restraint & Seclusion in Schools: For My Child & All Children
  • Coming Out Proud to Erase the Stigma of Mental Illness
  • On the Job with a Mental Illness: What Are My Rights?
  • Changing Policy, Saving Lives: School Suicide Prevention Policies

Criminal Justice

  • Verbal De-Escalation: Performance and Skills are the Mosaic Art of CIT
  • Building a Reformed Criminal Justice System: The Sequential Intercept Model
  • The Crisis Intervention Team, A Community Partnership
  • How to Break into Prison

Engaging Diverse Communities

  • Reducing Mental Health Disparities in Your Community – A Way Forward
  • From Me to You to Us: Mental Health Education in All Communities
  • Take One Day at a Time
  • Community-Defined Solutions for Latino Transition Age Youths’ Mental Health Care

Transition Age Youth

  • I’ve Been There: Embracing Personal Storytelling to Reduce Stigma
  • Embrace the Change: Effective Personal Youth Advocacy
  • What You Can Do to Prevent Suicide
  • The Dream Between the Lines: A Shift in Perspective that Allows Us to See Beyond the Disability

Consumer & Family Engagement

  • Together is Better: Family Unit Approach to Treatment
  • 40 Days to Wellness: An Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Approach to Mental Health
  • The Family Talk Approach to Family Conversation
  • Using Laughter to Break the Cycle of Psychological Negativity

Affiliate Relations

  • A Solution for the Payroll Headache: Employee vs. Independent Contractor?
  • Affiliates Helping Affiliates: Affiliate Mentoring Pilot Project, What We’ve Learned
  • Building Rome Day 1: Where to Begin & How to Get Started Grant Writing
  • Changing Lives with NAMI Programs? This one’s for you!

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