September Meeting – Monday Evening with Del Amo Hospital CEO

We are pleased to announce that Steven Oppenheimer the new Chief Executive Officer for Del Amo Hospital will be our guest presenter at our speaker meeting starting at 7:30 PM in Faith Hall at the First Lutheran Church 2900 Carson in Torrance. It will be an opportunity to hear about the programs at Del Amo Hospital and begin a dialogue with the hospital and a collaborative effort to improve mental health services in the South Bay.

“I have many passions in life. Being a global adventurer is a joy in my personal life. In my professional life, I passionately advocate for change, reform, improvement, and optimization in the healthcare delivery arena. Regardless of the setting, it’s about discovering new things, taking on new challenges, and exploring innovative approaches and solutions.”

The Caring and Sharing Support Group will begin at 6 PM in a conference room in Faith Hall.

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