Applying Cognitive Therapy: I Stopped Myself from Falling

Chip on their Shoulders

Recently, I was faced with a potentially harmful situation. When I say that, I mean the outcome had a strong possibility of ending very badly for me. And to make it a little clearer while remaining vague, it has everything to do with the events that led to my breakdown, therefore this was a very sensitive situation. It’s going to be very difficult attempting to explain what happened without actually doing so. In time, everything will be elucidated. However, that time is not now.

A very large contribution to my breakdown resurfaced just a few days ago. I had to make a decision of whether or not I was ready to confront it. I decided that I was. When I was alerted to this reappearance, I was wrought with distorted thoughts, thoughts that contribute to dysfunctional behavior. I suddenly made a lot of unrealistic expectations that seemed very unlikely to…

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