Top Stories at NAMI

Current headlines and links from the National NAMI organization:

Study Reveals More Effective Way to Treat Schizophrenia
New evidence shows that early intervention can make a huge difference. Read More »

Tips for Managing the Holiday Blues (Infographic)
Does the holiday season make you feel down? Here are some tips to avoid the holiday blues. Read More »

He’s a Kennedy, What Does He Have to Be Depressed About?
In A Common Struggle, Patrick Kennedy details the history of both the mental health system as well as his own mental health journey. Read More »

When We Listen and Engage, We Begin to See Change
The way we engage individuals to get them treatment will determine the success they. Read More »

Practicing What I Preach: #IAmStigmaFree
The professor asked the class if anyone had experience in a talk therapy setting. I needed to show that there was no reason to be ashamed. I raised my hand. Read More »

With Your Help, We Can Make a Difference in Mental Health
Thank you to all of our members and supporters. Together, we can improve the lives of Americans affected by mental illness. Read More »

Learning to Survive When It’s Your Job to Witness Tragedies
Former highway patrol officer, Andy O’ Hara, opens up about PTSD and his efforts to prevent law enforcement suicide. Read More »

How You Can Get the Right Mental Health Treatment (Infographic)
We created some tips and reminders to guide you through the process of finding the help you need. Read More »

Drawing from American Indian Heritage to Spread a Message of Hope
Observe Native American Heritage Month by starting the conversation about suicide prevention. Read More »

NAMI Homefront: Helping Families and Supporting Service Members
Having a family member serve in the military can be difficult, but there is support available. Read More »

Bipolar Disorder and Stigma
While there will always be good days and bad days for me, the stigma against speaking out about mental illness is causing me more harm than the mental illness itself. Read More »

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