The Latest News from NAMI National

Have a safe and happy New Year. As the year closes, following is a list of interesting links to the most recent news items, blog posts and information from NAMI National.

States Continue to Cut Mental Health Funding, but You Can Take a Stand
In 2015, five mental health bills stood out to NAMI. Make sure to tell your own legislators about them.

Go Take a Hike (and Get Some Vitamin D)
Have you been spending enough time outside? Avoid the winter blues by soaking up some Vitamin D and getting fresh air as often as you can.

Congress $400 Million Boost In Budget for Mental Health
The House and Senate passed and the President signed the $1.1 trillion 2016 budget bill (HR 2029) on Dec. 18. Learn more about what this new bill includes about mental health research and services.

I Am Living with Schizoaffective Disorder and I Will Not Be Silenced
I do not call myself schizoaffective. I call myself what I am: a person living with schizoaffective disorder.

7 of the Best Movies about Mental Health
Looking for movies to watch about mental health? Here are a few modern and classic movies that are worth taking a look at.


This Comic Explains What it Feels Like to Ask for Help (and How NAMI Can Be There for You)
Asking for help can be challenging and intimidating, but once you ask for help, it gets better.

I Am Not Just a Box on the DSM 5
I thought the doctors were mistaken when they first began tossing around the term borderline personality disorder in reference to me. I didn’t—couldn’t—have that.

8 of Our Favorite Blogs from Buzzfeed’s Mental Health Week
Buzzfeed recently held their first ever Mental Health Week where they posted nearly 150 blogs. Here is a list of some of our favorites.

Every Flower Deserves the Opportunity to Blossom
Stigma can be a barrier to people achieving their goals and living the life that they want to live.

What’s New on the NAMI Bookshelf?
Here are some books to check out if you are looking for new, interesting and enlightening books about mental health.


Wearing Both Red and Green Ribbons
On World AIDS Day, Stephen Puibello also advocates for mental health.

I’m Not OK, but I Will Be
I am thankful for the ability to reach so many loved ones that are afraid to get help because of the unfair stigma associated with mental illness.

Give the Gift of Hope Before the Year Ends

From Executive Director Mary Giliberti, J.D.:

Dear NAMI Supporter,

In these final hours of 2015, I’d like to ask you to consider making one final gift of hope this year.

All year-round, people affected by mental health conditions and their families turn to us for help, for hope and for a future free from the stigma of mental illness.

There’s so much you’ve helped us accomplish this year, but as I look ahead to 2016, there’s much to be done. Your gift ensures we can serve even more families and individuals in the year ahead, improving lives and strengthening our communities for generations to come.

We can advocate for a well-functioning mental health system that offers early, effective interventions so that outcomes are better in communities everywhere.

And we must continue to educate the public on the realities of mental illness to promote acceptance and understanding for people living with mental health conditions.

This is your last chance to give the gift of hope in 2015. Your donations will help us continue to work towards a tomorrow without the stigma of mental illness.

Thank you for putting your trust in NAMI.


Mary Giliberti, J.D.
Executive Director

P.S. Don’t forget to make your gift before midnight on December 31.

Downloadable Fact Sheets on Mental Health

young businessman standing in front of a businessFollowing is a list with links to the Mental Health Fact Sheets currently available on the national website for NAMI. These fact sheets are clear, concise information on mental health topics. NAMI suggests they may be useful by sharing them with loved ones, taking them to appointment, or handing them out at health fairs. Each link is to a downloadable PDF file.

Mental Health Conditions

Related Conditions

Treatment & Services

Homeless Count — Volunteer Opportunity

A Point in Time Count of homeless neighbors in the South Bay will occur on Tuesday, January 26, 2016. The purpose of the count is to assess the scope of homeless in the South Bay. As many of the homeless are persons with a mental illness, NAMI South Bay is working with the South Bay Coalition to End Homeless to recruit volunteers on this count. For this particular task, the work as a volunteer is to count. It is not to engage or assist. Rather, it is to provide valuable information so that problems can be addressed based upon the facts as they are. For information on how to volunteer please go to 2016 Homeless Count.


About the Homeless Point-in-time Count

The Homeless Point-in-time Count is led by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), to determine how many homeless individuals and families we have in the Los Angeles Continuum of Care (CoC) on any given night. Over the course of three days and nights, sta and trained volunteers fan across the Los Angeles CoC and count the number of homeless persons, identify their demographic characteristics and the locations where they reside. In 2015, the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count was the largest homeless census in the country. It engaged more than 5,500 volunteers who counted 89 percent of Los Angeles County’s census tracts – a powerful showing of hands-on community engagement. And now we’re going annual – to help capture ever-more timely data to support the delivery of services.

NAMI South Bay Holiday Potluck

6:30 PM, Monday, December 14
First Lutheran Church,
2900 Carson, Torrance, CA

Please come to our annual Happy Holidays Potluck. Bring the whole family and friends. It is a wonderful time to connect with others who share in the struggles and challenges of a mental illness and learn about resources and recovery. Bring a dish to share for 10 to 12 people and white elephant gift for a raffle to add to the festive spirit.

The Caring and Sharing Support Group for family members will start at 5:30 PM in the Fireside Room and end at 6:30 PM.

NAMI Programs Shown to Reduce Stigma

From NAMI California: A new RAND report shows that three NAMI programs significantly reduce the stigma of mental illness. The RAND evaluation, conducted through the CalMHSA grant, measured the stigma reduction of:

  • In Our Own Voice
  • Parents & Teachers as Allies, and
  • Provider Education

Rand Report Web ViewOver the past two years, evaluations using RAND’s materials have been administered in 150 presentations, reaching 2,700 individuals. NAMI California is very proud of these programs and its affiliates for their tireless efforts in the evaluation process.

Click here, or the web-view picture on the right, to view the report on the RAND website.

NAMI Coverage4Care Survey

Survey Dollarphotoclub_53229363Do you or a loved one struggle to get the mental health care you need? Do you have insurance that covers the costs of your care? Take NAMI’s Coverage4Care survey and tell us about your experiences.

The survey takes about 20 minutes, and your answers will help NAMI advocate for better care and coverage for you and your loved ones. It doesn’t matter what type insurance you have, or whether you have insurance at all. NAMI wants to hear from you. Spread the word. Share this survey with your family and friends. Post links to your Facebook and Twitter.

The survey closes on Monday, December 14, 2015 at 8 p.m. Pacific Time. For more information see Thank you for your help.