Mental Health Month Top Stories

NAMI Partners for Hill Day 2016
The Hope & Grace Initiative and Mayim Bialik join NAMI to launch a public service announcement called “Stigma Free.”
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Empire State Building Goes Green
The Empire State Building Lights Green for National Mental Health Month.
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Can You Get Mental Health Care When You Need It?
One in 5 Americans has a mental health condition. Contact your senators today to help pass the Mental Health Reform Act of 2016.
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Leader Of Landmark Gene Research On Schizophrenia to Speak at NAMI Convention
Dr. Steven McCarroll, who led the research team responsible for a study that examines the gene that may be a risk factor for schizophrenia, will speak at this year’s NAMI National Convention, July 6-9 in Denver.
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Exercise for Mental Health: 8 Keys to Get and Stay Moving
This blog post outlines 8 steps to take charge of your mental and physical health.
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Sisyphus and The Seed
This blog post reveals how NAMI’s Family-to-Family educational program helped one family manage their son’s mental health challenges.
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These Take the Prize: Journalists and Mental Health Advocacy
This post reveals the journalists and advocates who won the Pulitzer prize for contributions to mental health care.
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A Voice At The Table: NAMI and Community Partnerships
One contributor explains how his experience with NAMI’s grassroots activities helped him encourage others to seek NAMI for support for mental health.
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Here Comes the Sun
A simple line of lyrics from a popular Beatles tune helped a 16-year-old contributor cope with mental health challenges and offer hope to those struggling with anxiety and depressive psychosis.
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Bipolar Brain
A contributor shares a personal story revealing their challenges with bipolar disorder and takes a stand on stigma by choosing not to be silent.
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For Those Who Love Someone With Mental Illness
Giving thanks where thanks is due-this personal story does just that to those loving and caring for someone with mental illness.
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