Annual Pasta Dinner

Composition with variety of pasta on kitchen table.

6:30 PM Monday, May 16
Faith Hall
First Lutheran Church
2900 Carson
Torrance, CA

Please join us for the Annual Pasta Dinner to connect with your fellow NAMI South Bay members. The The Pasta Dinner replaces our regular monthly meeting for May. It is always a great event.

  • Enjoy wonderful food
  • Hear updates on latest mental health issues
  • Ask questions about whatever you would like
  • Provide input on what you would like to see NAMI South Bay do
  • See some inspirational videos
  • Learn about the annual NAMI Walk
  • Enjoy opportunity to spend more time with other family members and persons with a mental illness

A donation of $5 is requested.

There will be the Caring and Sharing Support Group at 5:30 PM in the Faith Hall.

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Mental Health Month Advocacy Activities

We encourage Californians of all ages to support Mental Health Month and bring awareness to their communities in May. Here are some helpful tips and resources:
Advocacy tip sheet and May is Mental Health Month resolution: NAMI California has provided a handy tip sheet for how to engage in local advocacy in support of May is Mental Health Month and a model resolution for local public officials to go on the record in support of mental health and a stigma-free community.

Each Mind Matters May Is Mental Health Month resources and toolkit: Each Mind Matters has put together a toolkit to help plan May is Mental Health Month events in your community. Click here for more info.

NAMI 2016 May Is Mental Health Month webpage: NAMI has launched a webpage with a place to pledge your support to be stigma-free, plus resources and information on how to show your support for May is Mental Health Month. Click here for more info.

Youth Advocacy Day

Mental Health MonthNAMI California is calling California’s youth ages 14-25 to stand up to stigma and spread awareness of mental illness during Mental Health Month in May!

See the tips below for ideas on how you can participate in Mental Health Month in your community. All month long, share photos and posts of what you’re doing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #NAMICAYouthVoices.

On Youth Advocacy Day on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, all posters using the #NAMICAYouthVoices hashtag will be entered into a raffle to win a deluxe Each Mind Matters prize package (sweatshirt, T-shirt, and more). To be eligible for the prize, you must post on May 17 — however, be sure to use the hashtag all month long in May!

Here are a just a few ways you can get involved:

  • Talk to your school administration and/or school board about implementing programs to reduce stigma and prevent suicide, like NAMI’s Ending the Silence
  • Set up a meeting with your local affiliate to talk about ways you can get involved locally
  • Watch and share Directing Change videos (visit
  • Hand out green ribbons around your community in honor of mental health awareness
  • Join your local NAMI affiliate and get involved in county mental health advocacy efforts
  • Pledge to stop using words like “crazy,” “schizo,” “lunatic” and other stigmatizing words
  • Write an article or blog post for your school or college newspaper
  • Gather your friends and wear all lime green. When people ask you why, explain about Each Mind Matters!
  • Register for NAMI CA’s Annual Conference in Burlingame on August 26-27 — there will be a whole track of workshops for youth and students!
  • Set up a meeting with your school principal, college dean or other school officials to talk about how to make your campus more accepting of mental health

Don’t forget to take photos and share online using #NAMICAYouthVoices!

Each Mind MattersEach Mind Matters is California’s Mental Health Movement. We all have mental health, and our voices are amplified when we speak up together.

Each Mind Matters grows stronger every day as millions of people and thousands of organizations are working to advance mental health!