Here Comes NAMIWalks 2016

Kudos to those who attended the Los Angeles County NAMIWalks 2016 Lights, Camera, Action on Mental Health! Kick-Off Brunch this past Tuesday at the California Endowment. Please follow NAMIWalks on facebook and twitter so you will get notifications, and view the photographs that have been shared so far. To share yours, please email Shelley Hoffman.

If you were not able to attend, you can still be a Team Captain! CLICK HERE. It’s time to sign up and build your teams–NAMIWalks Los Angeles needs each and every one of you! If every team has 10 participants (whether they are virtual participants or actual ones is fine) and each raised or donated at least $100, then each team would raise at least $1,000! That means more NAMI programs available throughout the county!

The Walk website is super user-friendly. Once you log in, you will see a black horizontal bar at the top where you can access your dashboard, helpful resources, how-to’s and more! Click on the links below for helpful tools and materials.

NAMI South Bay Meeting-Monday, July 18, 2016

Please join us for our July monthly meeting with Caring and Sharing Support Group at 6 PM and Speaker Meeting at 7:30 PM.

The speaker for this month is Bishop Bonnie Radden presenting on “Taking Care of the Caregiver”.  She will help us to discover and recognize our own personal burnout when caregiving for our ill relative whether they live with us our not and ways to lessen our own personal stress.

Unfortunately, caregivers often are so involved in taking care of the needs perceived or real of their loved one that they don’t take care of themselves which may lead to poor health and stress.  Further, the burdens of caregiving may make it difficult for the caregiver to help their loved one.  Please don’t miss this important presentation. 
The Speaker Meeting will be held in Faith Hall.  There will be the Caring and Sharing Support Group is at 6 PM in the Faith Hall.

Advocacy Alert!

Support HR 2646

congress building

Thanks to you, the House is voting on HR 2646, mental health reform! Call your member of Congress and urge him or her to vote YES and take a strong step toward better mental health care. For more information on HR 2646 go to NAMI  Applauds HR 2646 out of committee to full Congress.


Your voice makes a difference.

“What has made this work are…the thousands and thousands and thousands of letters and phone calls to members of Congress saying that we’ve got to do something about mental health.” Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA)

Call (202) 224-3121
Press #2

Enter in your zip code

Here’s our suggested message: “As a constituent of the Representative’s, I would like him/her to vote yes on HR 2646, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, when it comes to the floor of the House. There is a mental health crisis in this country. This bill will help. Thank you.”
Congressional Phones Ring
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Fecha:  (12 Semanas)
LUNES, 26 de Septiembre  al 12 de Deciembre  2016
Hora: 6:30 pm al 9:00 pm
Locacion es: UCLA HARBOR Medical Center 2 So.

(Parking Gratis)

Este es un programa para la familia que le ayudará a romper con la desesperación y el aislamiento, a través de comprender y recibir apoyo para personas que tienen un miembro de familia que sufre de:

  • Depresión Severa
  • Trastorno Bipolar (También conocido como Depresión Mániaca)
  •  Esquizofrenia
  • Trastorno Esquizo-Afectivo
  • Ansiedad y Pánico
  • Trastorno Obsesivo y Compulsivo
  • Diagnóstico Doble (Abuso de sustancias y enfermedad mental)

Esta serie de 12 clases, la cual se lleva a cabo una vez por semana, está diseñada para ayudar a los miembros de familia a educar, comprender y apoyar a nuestros seres queridos, mientras logran mantener un ambiente de salud personal y de bienestar en el hogar.

El programa de educación de Familia a Familia es gratis! Pero es necesario registrarse lo antes posible.  Favor de comunicarse con Ricardo y Modesta Pulido a los teléfonos:   310.513.1178  o  310.567.0748. cell   email:

De Familia-a-Familia es un programa que ayuda a transformar a la familia desde la desesperación y el aislamiento (ofreciendo esperanza y apoyo) hasta llegar a superar las enfermedades del cerebro. NAMI/SOUTH BAY/LACC    GRACIAS!