Here Comes NAMIWalks 2016

Kudos to those who attended the Los Angeles County NAMIWalks 2016 Lights, Camera, Action on Mental Health! Kick-Off Brunch this past Tuesday at the California Endowment. Please follow NAMIWalks on facebook and twitter so you will get notifications, and view the photographs that have been shared so far. To share yours, please email Shelley Hoffman.

If you were not able to attend, you can still be a Team Captain! CLICK HERE. It’s time to sign up and build your teams–NAMIWalks Los Angeles needs each and every one of you! If every team has 10 participants (whether they are virtual participants or actual ones is fine) and each raised or donated at least $100, then each team would raise at least $1,000! That means more NAMI programs available throughout the county!

The Walk website is super user-friendly. Once you log in, you will see a black horizontal bar at the top where you can access your dashboard, helpful resources, how-to’s and more! Click on the links below for helpful tools and materials.

3 thoughts on “Here Comes NAMIWalks 2016

  1. Hi,  Paul & John…..How goes it? Please post on Web-site, Nami/SB Taco Nite, fundraiser, 6pm to 9pm, Monday, Aug. 29th, 2016@ Dianas Restaurant in Carson.  Please see attached flyer & I have tickets available now, I’ll bring flyers & tickets, to Board Mtg. on Monday, tickets are donation of $25.00/person. thanks, Rick & Modesta  Ricardo Pulido NAMI LACC Education Coordinator 3250 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1501 Los Angeles, CA 90010 310.567.0748 (cell)    

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