Public Health Challenges: Early Identification and Engagement of Patients Experiencing First Episode Symptoms

From Psychiatric News Alert: According to John Kane, M.D., the winner of the APA Foundation’s 2016 Alexander Gralnick, M.D., Award for Research in Schizophrenia, early identification and appropriate engagement of patients experiencing first-episode symptoms of schizophrenia remains a major public health challenge.

During Dr. Kane’s award lecture, he outlined a number of important issues, including unrealized potential of LAI (long-acting injectable) antipsychotics.

“I think we have enough data to show that this is a very effective option we are not taking advantage of.”

He also emphasized the use of emerging technologies.

“New technologies, such as smartphones and other monitoring tools, should be systematically developed, tested, and applied.”

To read more, see the Psychiatric News Alert article HERE. Complete coverage of the Gralnick lecture will appear in an upcoming issue of Psychiatric News. For related information, see the Psychiatric News article “Long-Acting Injectable Increases MedicationAdherence in Patients With Schizophrenia.”

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