Protect Your Mental Health Coverage

Congress just unveiled the American Health Care Act, which ends the requirement that Medicaid cover mental health care.
It caps Medicaid funding, which in California is MediCal which will lead to deep cuts and jeopardize mental health services. MediCal provides health insurance and mental health treatment for the majority of persons with a mental illness.

And it will freeze Medicaid expansion, putting young people who are first experiencing serious mental illness at risk. Whether you believe ACA should be repealed, replaced or changed we need to make sure this requirement for Medicaid (MediCal) is not ended. Please see Mental Health Coverage on what you can do.

Tell your U.S. Representative this is unacceptable.

Call (202) 224-3121, press #2 and enter your zip code.

Use our talking points below-and add your own story, if you like.

“As a constituent, I urge you to reject American Health Care Act provisions that will harm people with mental illness:

  • Don’t reduce federal help to buy health insurance. With reductions, millions of people, including people with mental illness, won’t be able to afford mental health care.
  • Don’t accept “per capita cap” funding of Medicaid. Instead of flexibility, this would lead to deep cuts and jeopardize mental health services.
  • Don’t end enrollment of people in Medicaid expansion. This will leave people with mental health and substance use conditions without the treatment they need to stay in school, on the job and in recovery.

Don’t put millions of Americans with mental illness at risk. Cutting corners in health coverage will result in worsened conditions and costly use of emergency rooms, hospitals and jails.”

Can’t make the call? Email your Representative now.

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