Mindfulness Meditation Course

An 8-week class on mindfulness meditation on Thursday evenings in September and October.

Mindfulness meditation may bring you greater tranquility, insight into habit patterns, a more graceful acceptance of life’s difficulties, ways to honor all your emotions, and a fuller awareness of life’s preciousness, to name just a few possibilities.

This course is appropriate for beginners, those who have meditated occasionally, or for those who have an ongoing practice. It will be held via zoom on consecutive Thursday evenings, from 7-9, beginning September 2 and going through October 28. (No class on October 7). In keeping with NAMI’s policy of offering educational programs free of charge, this will be free, although this is not a NAMI course. The only cost will be to purchase the book, Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation, by Sharon Salzberg. It’s considered a classic introduction to meditation. You can get it at any bookstore or on Amazon for $9.73 https://www.amazon.com/Real-Happiness-10th-Anniversary-Meditation/dp/1523510129.

About the facilitator, Cheryl Tchir

I began meditating about 20 years ago to relieve the stresses of teaching full-time and caring for my husband who had bipolar illness plus physical and mental disabilities from a bout with encephalitis. I have found it to be a deeply helpful and enriching practice. I also have taught several Family to Family classes, which I believe are essential for anyone who wants to better help and understand their loved one who has a mental illness. I see mindfulness meditation as an extension of that learning, helping with your own self-care, which too often gets squeezed out. Taking good care of yourself is another important way to help your loved one; the benefits spill over. Last year I was accepted into a Training Program with Insight LA to prepare me to facilitate basic classes in mindfulness meditation. I completed it in May.

To register, email Cheryl at catchir@aol.com, with Mindfulness Meditation in the subject line. Include your name and phone number. I would like to communicate with each participant before the class begins to learn more about your background and what you hope to gain from the class.

Attendance will be limited. So, if you are interested, please act now.

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