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Mental health coverage
is at risk

Congress is bringing back the American Health Care Act, which would leave millions of Americans without mental health coverage and strip Medicaid of billions of dollars in funding. Please remember that Medicaid in California is Medi-Cal. And the bill has gotten worse.

The recently introduced “MacArthur Amendment” would let states get waivers allowing health insurance plans to not cover mental health and substance use treatment and charge people with mental illness more.

It’s outrageous to even suggest that mental health coverage is optional and to charge people more because they have a mental health condition.

Medicaid coverage is also under threat. It covers important mental health services that help people with mental illness get better and stay better.

Efforts are being made to generate enough votes which we need stop. We have fought for mental health parity for a long time and this act would reverse years of effort and mean many would not have mental health coverage. Your mental health coverage is at risk.

Tell Congress to #KeepWhatWorks and REJECT the American Health Care Act.

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Thank you for your advocacy efforts.

Five Reasons to Attend the NAMI National Convention

  1. Learn exciting research, tools, treatment options and recovery strategies directly from experts
  2. Discover how to lead effective mental health advocacy efforts
  3. Hear relatable stories and make personal connections with powerful impact
  4. Find day-to-day support through coping strategies, health and wellness activities, and legal services
  5. Earn continuing education credits as a licensed counselor, social worker or registered nurse

The NAMI National Convention connects and inspires people with or affected by a mental illness who are looking for resources, research, support services and recovery strategies. Join this diverse, action-driven gathering of individuals with mental health conditions, family members and caregivers, policymakers, educators, researchers, clinicians, providers, exhibitors, sponsors and press this year in Washington, D.C.

First-on-Board member rate of just $195 is only available until January 31.

To learn more about program offerings, CLICK HERE.

Westchester Family Support Group

The NAMI Westchester Family Support Group of South Bay meets in the evening on the first Monday of each month. The peer-led group offers free and confidential support guided by principles that emphasize respect, understanding, and encouragement for all participants, organized by NAMI trained moderators Mercedes Garcia, Anna London and Bob London. The support group is open for adult (18 years and older) family members or caregivers of mentally ill loved ones.


  • Westchester YMCA
  • 8015 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles 90045
  • Annex Building, Fireside Room
  • Please enter from the Alverstone Ave. parking lot
  • The Annex building is the 1-story structure in the Alverstone partiking lot behind the YMCA main building


  • First Monday of Each Month
  • 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Please let others know.

For information email

NAMI South Bay Meeting–Monday, October 17, 2016

Please join NAMI South Bay for its October monthly meeting with the Caring and Sharing Support Group beginning at 6 p.m., and the Speaker Meeting starting at 7:30 p.m. at First Lutheran Church, 2900 Carson Street in Torrance. The speaker for this meeting will be Ruth Hollman the Executive Director of SHARE, a leading advocate for housing for persons with a mental illness and other programs.

Since 1993, SHARE! the Self-Help And Recovery Exchange has served people though self-help support groups and communities that provide recovery and social support. SHARE!’s programs-include collaborative housing, self-help centers in Culver City and Downtown, the Recovery Retreat and Volunteer-to-Job internships designed to support self-sufficiency through social support and community integration. This innovative approach was honored with the Los Angeles County Mental Health Commission Outstanding Program Award in 2013.



Fecha:  (12 Semanas)
LUNES, 26 de Septiembre  al 12 de Deciembre  2016
Hora: 6:30 pm al 9:00 pm
Locacion es: UCLA HARBOR Medical Center 2 So.

(Parking Gratis)

Este es un programa para la familia que le ayudará a romper con la desesperación y el aislamiento, a través de comprender y recibir apoyo para personas que tienen un miembro de familia que sufre de:

  • Depresión Severa
  • Trastorno Bipolar (También conocido como Depresión Mániaca)
  •  Esquizofrenia
  • Trastorno Esquizo-Afectivo
  • Ansiedad y Pánico
  • Trastorno Obsesivo y Compulsivo
  • Diagnóstico Doble (Abuso de sustancias y enfermedad mental)

Esta serie de 12 clases, la cual se lleva a cabo una vez por semana, está diseñada para ayudar a los miembros de familia a educar, comprender y apoyar a nuestros seres queridos, mientras logran mantener un ambiente de salud personal y de bienestar en el hogar.

El programa de educación de Familia a Familia es gratis! Pero es necesario registrarse lo antes posible.  Favor de comunicarse con Ricardo y Modesta Pulido a los teléfonos:   310.513.1178  o  310.567.0748. cell   email:

De Familia-a-Familia es un programa que ayuda a transformar a la familia desde la desesperación y el aislamiento (ofreciendo esperanza y apoyo) hasta llegar a superar las enfermedades del cerebro. NAMI/SOUTH BAY/LACC    GRACIAS!

Programa de Educación De Familia a Familia de NAMI


Gratuito para familiares, compañeros, y parejas sentimentales de individuos con:

  • Depresión Severa
  • Trastorno Bipolar (maniaco depresión)
  • Esquizofrenia y Trastorno Esquizoafectivo
  • Transtorno de la personalidad fronterizo
  • Trastorno de Pánico y Trastorno Obsesivo compulsivo
  • Trastornos Cerebrales y Trastornos de adicción simultáneos

El programa consiste en una serie de 12 clases, una clase por semana, estructuradas para ayudar a los familiares a entender y apoyar a su ser querido que sufre alguna de estas enfermedades al mismo tiempo que mantienen su propio bienestar.  Este curso lo imparte un grupo de voluntarios capacitados quienes también tienen un familiar enfermo y saben lo que es que un ser querido sufra de una enfermedad mental seria.  El Programa “De Familia a Familia” de NAMI es completamente gratuito.  Más de 150,000 personas en Los Estados Unidos, Canadá, y México han tomado este curso. Estamos seguros que quedarán satisfechos con la ayuda que le ofrece este programa.  Llame para obtener más información.  (FREE PARKING)

Las clases comienzan en Septiembre  2016    6:30PM to 9:00 PM

Ubicación del curso: LONG BEACH , Long Beach, Calif.

Horario: (12) sessiones    2 ½ horas por clase

Solamente para los familiares que califiquen de estas condiciones.
Se requiere inscripción
El cupo es limitada  de 25 personas.

El Programa de Educacion “De Familia a Famiilia”
de NAMI/LACCC está patrosinado por NAMI Long Beach,
Financiado en parte por el Departmento de Saluld
Mental del Condado de Los Angeles.  GRACIAS!

New Family to Family Education Program in Westchester

family to familyNAMI South Bay is now offering its free Family to Family Education Program in Westchester, beginning March 9, 2016. The program is one night per week for 12 consecutive weeks for adult family members or caregivers of individuals with mental illnesses. The course is taught by NAMI trained family members. All instructions and course materials are free to class participants. The Family to Family program includes:

  • Mutual support and reinforcement from people who understand your situation
  • You will learn critical information and strategies on how to take care of your loved one
  • How to manage crises, improve your coping and problem solving abilities
  • Learn to communicate and listen effectively
  • Information on self-care, manage stress and emotional overload
  • Develop confidence and stamina to provide support with compassion
  • Finding and using local support and services
  • Gain information on current research related to the biology of brain disorders
  • Understanding schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, anxiety disorder, dual diagnosis, borderline personality disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, co-occurring brain and addictive disorders
  • Treatment options, including therapies, medications, side effects, and strategies for medication adherence
  • Understanding the impact of mental illness on the entire family
  • Gain empathy by understanding the daily life experience of a person with mental illness
  • Information on advocacy initiatives designed to improve and expand services

This program is taught in 49 states, Canada, Mexico, & Italy.  It has touched over 200,000 participants.

The Westchester Family to Family will be every Wednesday night, running March 9 through May 25, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Visitation School, 8740 S. Emerson Avenue, Westchester, CA 90045. For registration and information contact Paul Stansbury at 310.892.8046 or