Criminal Law Issues


Supporting and coping with a loved one who suffers from a brain disorder can be extremely challenging and stressful. Knowledge, as well as your love and fortitude, will be essential in helping you to become a strong and effective support system for your family member.

NAMI Glendale has prepared a step-by-step guide for family members.

The Los Angeles Superior Court posts information about Department 95 and 95B, the departments handling issues related to mental health.


Think carefully about posting bail for your family member. No one wants a loved one to remain incarcerated for any length of time. It is an unpleasant experience for them as well as the family. Bail Bonds are not cheap and are very closely regulated by Statute. Moreover, you must ask yourself the following question. Will your family member be able to comply with the terms of the bail and appear in court when required? Also, as hard as it may seem, jail may be a safer place for a person with severe mental illness who is in crisis rather than having your loved one wander the streets with no help at all. At least in jail they will be fed, will have shelter, and be given access to medication treatments.



The Mental Health Court Linkage Program provides services to individuals with a mental illness who have encountered the criminal justice system. There are presently five established programs:

  • Court Liaison Program. Provides diversion and linkage to mental health treatment for adult consumers at all or most criminal court houses across L.A. County. The staff work to link clients with services while in custody and upon release from jail. For more information about the Court Liaison Program CLICK HERE.
  • Community Reintegration Program. Residential alternative sentencing program composed of beds at Olive Vista, a locked IMD, and Gateways Satellite, an IMD Stepdown. Both probrams provide a therapeutic environment and work to link the clients with services upon completion of the program.
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Court Program. A specially designated court to rehabilitate individuals with both mental illness and substance abuse issues.
  • 1370.01 PC Program (M.I.S.T.). Provides misdemeanor defendants found incompetent to stand trial direct linkage from L.A. County Mental Health Court/Department 95 to treat and restore competency.
  • AB109 Revocation Court. The Mental Health Court Linkage team screens clients at the court and works in partnership with Jail Linkage and Countywide Resources Management to recommend and secure the appropriate level of care.

For more information about these programs, contact DMH Office of the Family Advocate (213) 251-6581, Access-24 hr. Mental Health Hotline (800) 854-7771, or the Public Defender (213) 974-2811.


3 thoughts on “Criminal Law Issues

  1. I think you have a great program set up. I have seen these types of facilities for LA County DMH. are you related to them in some way? anyways keep up the good work!

    -mario sur

    • Mario Sur: We are aware of and try to work with the LA County DMH. But we are a separate, non-profit grass-roots organization started by family members and supported by donations and fundraising. Thank you for the encouraging words.

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