Broadcasters Launch Campaign to Educate Public on Mental Health


“Say anything. It’s time we talked about mental health. Share what’s on your mind.”

Sen. Gordon H. Smith, president and CEO, National Association of Broadcasters, kicks off the launch event

A new survey from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) reveals that two-thirds of young adults have a personal experience with mental health problems. Although the overwhelming majority of parents and young adults are supportive of discussing mental illness openly, more than one fourth of young adults and one in six parents admit they avoid talking about it.

To encourage these critical conservations and let people know that help is available and effective, NAB unveiled a new public service announcement campaign featuring teens and young adults opening up about their experiences with mental illness. The OK2Talk campaign includes TV and radio ads in English and Spanish, and uses social media to invite teens and young adults to create the conservation about mental health. With this unrivaled reach into homes across America, broadcasters have a powerful platform to encourage young people to start talking about mental health and to get the help they need.