Response to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors regarding possible creation of a health agency

FOLLOW THIS LINK to the draft report prepared by the CEO for public discussion. It aims to set out the potential benefits, drawbacks, and structure for consideration in creating a Health Agency that would consolidate the activities of the Departments of Health Services, Public Health, and Mental Health.  The question is not whether health care for the public should be better integrated, because of course it should, but rather whether an Agency advances this goal or not.  This 0cb9926c-3944-4165-a01f-ea4e881410c0report is open to public comment starting now, so if you or members of your community have any input, that would be very welcome. The report will be revised on the basis of input from various Stakeholders and from further community meetings and then presented to the Board of Supervisors who will then decide whether or not it is the public interest to create a Health Agency and if so what shape it ought to take.  Input can be provided at: