NAMIBikes Rides Out on Saturday, November 2

Fight Stigma and Ride

(From NAMI California Newsletter) This exciting mental health, anti-stigma event will start and end in Davis and will offer a choice of 25K, 50K and 100K courses. It is a fully supported ride, including an event t-shirt, light breakfast, lunch and rest stop fuel.

Be a Virtual Rider!  Even if you can’t be in Davis, you can ride along as a Virtual Rider.  When you register, choose the option to be a virtual rider.

There is no registration fee for Virtual Riders, and if you raise $45 or more, NAMI California will send you the event t-shirt.

For all others, routes are $45 (registration is waived with $250 in fundraising, however, fundraising is not required).

“The sport allows me to clear my mind for some time, focusing only on what lies about 15 to 20 feet in front of me. Being on a bike is beyond exhilarating.”

— Eric Ward
NAMIBikes 2012 & 2013 rider and mental health advocate.

Read about Eric’s journey on his NAMI blog posts:

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