NAMI California Action Alert

AB 1300 (Ridley-Thomas) would harm individuals and families impacted by serious mental illness because it:

  • Reduces the amount of time an individual may be held under WIC Sec. 5150 by starting the 72 hour time period when law enforcement or another first responder initiates a hold in the field, rather than when individual is assessed by a medical professional.
  • Allows hospitals to discharge an individual on a 5150 hold with no assessment or treatment, simply because the application for a hold was not completed and presented to the hospital by the law enforcement officer.
  • Establishes a standard of “gross negligence” in order to hold a hospital or doctor liable for the consequences of a decision to provide or not provide treatment, or the type of treatment provided, making it nearly impossible for a family or individual to have any recourse for harm that may occur.

AB 1300 does not establish any additional services, beds, or funds for crisis stabilization or inpatient psychiatric care. At a time when hospitals have chosen to decrease inpatient psychiatric

Family in Palm

capacity significantly, NAMI California is opposed to this legislation that would leave many of our loved ones with no place to turn in an emergency.

Please call your Assemblymember today and urge a “no” vote on AB 1300. Find your Assemblymember here:

Let him/her know that you are a NAMI California member and you are opposed to AB 1300.

After you call, please send an email to and let us know who you called and how your call went. Every call makes a difference!

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