Members Share How NAMI Has Affected Their Lives

Survey Dollarphotoclub_53229363In NAMI California’s last survey, participants were asked how NAMI has affected their lives. NAMI California received responses from members all over the state relating how NAMI helped them find the path to recovery, better understand mental illness, learn how to help a family member or loved one, fight stigma, and advocate for mental health reform.

A sampling of comments from the 30-second survey:

  • NAMI was the single most important organization or “individual” in our family’s existence since our son had a serious breakdown and was diagnosed with a serious form of mental illness… We will forever be indebted to NAMI.
  • Before NAMI I saw mental illness as behaviors without seeing the people. NAMI taught me empathy. My life is richer and much more meaningful, and I feel privileged to work with those with mental health challenges.
  • NAMI has changed my life. Before I was an OK advocate for myself and others with mental illness. Now I have a lot of tools that make me a lot better!
  • I found friendship, and hope that there is recovery for families and my son. Also, (NAMI) empowers me to speak up to fight stigma.
  • NAMI has been the catalyst to take a tragic disease and turn it into a call to legislative action.

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This month’s survey: What was your experience the first time you accessed mental health services for yourself or your loved one?

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